Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi Everyone,
My name is Angelo Libutti, one of Gerry Zeldins' students, from his long teaching career at Sheridan. It seems that cancer wants to take him away from us...making him more weak, as the days go by. But nothing, not even the cancer can erase all the laughs, all the suggestions and help, all the good memories and knowledge he gifted us in our lives. Knowing he is loved, could give him that extra stength or reason to know that his life meant more to us than he could ever imagine.
My goal is to collect as many "Thank You" videos to Gerry to show him how much we appreciated him as our mentor, teacher and friend in our journey for our art, animation and film careers. So, please send me a link of your youtube video to so I can add on this blog for him to view at and on FaceBook at Gerry Zeldin Thank You - Subject: Gerry Zeldin student. We want him to see how magnificent his life was and how many lives he touched!!!
Thank You,